Exam Information

The Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) will no longer give routinely scheduled Pesticide Applicator examinations. The adoption of online exams, which are given at testing centers throughout South Carolina, offer the test taker a much more convenient and expedient means of testing.  The online exams for Commercial, Non-Commercial, and Dealer certification must be registered for online through Metro Institute.  Both the core and category exams are required for certification.  

To register for the exams, go to Register for Online Exams.  Select SC, then Register for a new Metro Customer Account.  If you already have an existing Metro Customer Account, then log in with your metro username and password and proceed to the ‘Apply Here!’ link to submit an exam registration application.  The core exam and category exam are both required for certification.  After your exam registration application is approved by DPR, then you will receive an email with your testing ID number.  You will need the testing ID number to schedule the exams and select the testing center. 

The core exam is $75 and each category exam is $50.  The study guides for the exams can be ordered online here.

If you have a specific need to take a paper exam, or need to schedule a proctored student exam session, please contact the DPR Regulatory Investigator in your area to set up a time and location to take the exam.  A pre-exam registration form must be completed at least two weeks prior to any scheduled paper exam session.  For additional exam information or to request a paper pre-exam registration form, please email dprexams@clemson.edu

Important! Information for Individuals Needing a PRIVATE License: 

If you are needing a Private Applicator License, do not register for the Agricultural category exams (1A, 1B, 1C, or 1D).  Those exams are for Commercial, Non-Commercial, and Dealer certification only!

The private applicator training and exam is given through the Clemson Cooperative Extension offices.  You will need to contact your local county extension office to request information and register for the next available Private applicator training and exam.  For a complete list of county extension offices, visit here.

After the successful completion of the Private Applicator training and exam through Clemson Cooperative Extension, you will receive an email from DPR with a link to pay the Private license fee online.  For more information about Private Licensing, visit here.