Reciprocal Licensing

Reciprocating from another state?

South Carolina offers reciprocal licensing with 13 states.  This means that applicators in any of these 13 states who hold a license in an equivalent category (or categories) to South Carolina may obtain a South Carolina Pesticide Applicator’s License by filling out the Application for Reciprocal License and paying the applicable fee.

South Carolina holds Reciprocal Agreements with the following states:

Alabama All Categories
Arkansas 1A, 1B, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
Florida All Categories except 7A and 7B
Georgia All Categories except 7A and 7B
Indiana All Categories
Kentucky All Categories
Louisiana All Categories
Maryland All Categories
Mississippi Non-Commercial, Private (Commercial - Core only)
New Jersey All Categories
North Carolina All Categories except 11(Must have both P and W Phase to obtain a reciprocal license in 7A)
Tennessee All Categories

All Categories (Must have both 7A & 7B to obtain reciprocal license in 7A)

(Must have both 3A & 3B to obtain reciprocal license in Cat 3)

The following items are REQUIRED to be submitted in order to receive a reciprocal license from South Carolina:

Note:  If you are also applying for a category 7A pesticide business license and/or DCA license, you may also need the following:

If your state is not included in our reciprocity list and you would like to inquire about establishing a Reciprocity Agreement with South Carolina, please contact your state’s agency head and refer them to our main office at 864.646.2150.