Plant Protection Staff List

Name Title Email Phone
Ray Adcock Applications Analyst II 864-646-2141
Thomas Beam Survey Specialist 803-385-1871
Michael Gavin Berry DPI Regulatory Programs Assistant Manager 864-646-2129
Harrison Browder District Specialist 843-814-0616
Stephen Cavin Apiary Inspection Coordinator 864-594-0426
Predeesh Chandran Entomologist II 864-646-2133
Steve Cole Director, Regulatory and Public Service Programs 864-646-2122
Ston Coles Asian Longhorned Beetle Survey Specialist 843-973-8329
Griffin Crider District Specialist 864-247-5164
Taylor Dobbins Administrative Specialist 864-646-2123
Damon Doolittle Survey Specialist 843-973-8329
Negar Edwards Information and Nursery Program Manager 864-646-2126
Agustus Elmore Asian Longhorned Beetle Communications Specialist 843-973-8329
Allison Guggenheimer Invasive Species Outreach Coordinator 864-646-2140
Alayna Hoover District Specialist 843-409-5671
Matt Howle Invasive Species Program Manager 864-646-2140
Brett Jenkinson Asian Longhorned Beetle Survey Coordinator 843-973-8329
Steven H. Long Assistant Director - Regulatory Services, Plant Industry 864-646-2140
Diana Low Labs Coordinator 864-646-2133
Madison McGovern Asian Longhorned Beetle Regulatory Coordinator 843-973-8329
Catherine McGuinn Organic Certification Coordinator 843-225-7064
Nickles Mirmow Survey Specialist 803-556-7113
Caroline Oatley Asian Longhorned Beetle Survey Specialist 843-973-8329
Thad Raymond Invasive Species 803-391-9693
Kerrie Roach District Specialist 864-646-2140
Jill Robinson Organic Certification Specialist 864-646-2131
Ashley Vaughan District Specialist 864-594-0425
Sandra Verderame Administrative Specialist 864-646-2131
Michael Weyman Academic Program Director 864-646-2150
Xiao Yang Department of Plant Industry Laboratories Manager 864-646-2133
Ted Zee Nursery Operations Coordinator 803-269-9152

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