Many resources exist to examine past water assessements, models, water plans and other resources related to water resource management in South Carolina. This reference list will continue to be expanded upon as stakeholders identify needs. DNR’s Surface Water Assessment webpage is regularly updated with reports, meeting minutes and modeling summaries. Find information at


  • S.C. Water Resources and Planning Act
  • S.C. Surface Water Withdrawal, Permitting Use and Reporting Act
  • Groundwater Use and Reporting Act
  • Dams and Reservoirs Safety Act
  • S.C. Pollution Control Act
  • State Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Stormwater Management and Sediment Reduction Act
  • S.C. Drought Response Act
  • Interbasin Transfer of Water Act
  • Soil and Water Conservation Districts Act
  • Watershed Conservation Districts Act


  • Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act
  • South Carolina Bays Protection Act
  • Farm and Forest Lands Protection Act
  • Comprehensive Infrastructure and Sustainable Development Act
  • South Carolina Conservation Incentives Act
  • South Carolina Conservation Bank Act
  • South Carolina Wild and Scenic Rivers Act