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Office of Animal Resources

Imaging and Specialized Equipment

Imaging Equipment

GSRC staff are trained in the operation of the following imaging devices. We will provide the raw data associated with the images requested, but our staff do not interpret images or research results associated with those images. Consultation with an expert in the interpretation of images from each modality is highly recommended.   

Large Animal Computed Tomography
The Toshiba Aquilion TSX-101A is a 16-slice computed tomography unit capable of imagining animals up to 300 pounds. 

Large Animal Magnetic Resonance Imaging
The Esaote Vet-MR Grande is a magnetic resonance imaging unit with a .25 tesla field. We have MRI compatible anesthesia equipment as well as compatible patient monitoring capabilities.

Small Animal Computed Tomography (Micro CT)
The Bruker SkyScan 1176 Micro CT unit is capable of 9, 18, or 35µm resolution computed tomography imaging in rodents.

The Perkin Elmer IVIS Lumina XR is a benchtop small animal optical (bioluminescent and fluorescent) imaging system and X-ray with up to 21 emission filter sets to capture emission from green to near-infrared.

Ultra-High Frequency Ultrasound
The Visual Sonics VEVO 2100 ultrasound is an ultra-high frequency unit housed in the small animal procedure area. A heated stage and probe holding device capable of fine position adjustments is also available to assist in the acquisition of consistent images. 

Ultrasound - Portable
The GE Logiq e NextGen portable ultrasound unit is ideal for imagining animals in their home cage, procedure area, surgical suite, or on-farm. The unit is B-mode, M-mode, doppler, and color doppler capable and is able to perform elastography measurements.

Radiography - Portable
The Sound NEXT Equine DR portable radiology unit is capable of imaging large animals in their home cage, procedure area, surgical suite, or in a farm setting. 

Specialized Equipment

GSRC is outfitted with a variety of equipment to add dynamic data to your research projects.  Contact GSRC personnel for more information on any of the equipment listed here.   

DigiGait Rodent Gait Analyzer
DigiGait is a ventral plane videography unit that performs gait analysis for voluntary and treadmill walking over a range of speeds. Ventral Plane Imaging (VPI) Technology continuously images the underside of the animal walking atop of the motorized transparent treadmill belt, generating “digital paw prints” and dynamic gait signals.