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Office of Animal Resources

Services and Support

Animal Procurement and Maintenance
Laboratory animals are procured from pre-approved sources of specific pathogen-free animals. Other sources of animals can be used if required for a specific project if the vendor is approved by the IACUC and the University Veterinarian prior to animal purchase.

Laboratory animal care technicians with training and experience in the husbandry and behavior of laboratory species provide at least daily care and health surveillance under the direction of a laboratory animal veterinarian. Animals are maintained in accordance with animal welfare regulations and guidelines set by accrediting bodies.

Project Cost Analysis
Investigators are highly encouraged to consult with facility administration for cost estimates for their proposed laboratory animal research projects before submitting grant proposals or contracts. Facility personnel can also provide information on specialized facilities and equipment available to support proposed projects. Animal facility billing rates for the Godley-Snell Research Center are published at the beginning of each fiscal year on the University's Controller's website. Contact the Assistant Director for more information.

Project Development and Veterinary Consultation
Laboratory animal professionals and veterinarians with laboratory animal and food animal training and experience are available to provide consultation regarding research animal models, veterinary care, surgical procedures and other aspects of research projects. All research investigators are encouraged to consult with university veterinarians and GSRC staff during project initial planning stages and throughout project performance to ensure success.

Technical Services
Technical support services include, but are not limited to veterinary care, surgical support, imagining support, anesthesia support, euthanasia, and select sample collection. GSRC staff will also provide training to research staff and students on species-specific handling and technical procedures.

Surgical Services
GSRC maintains a fully equipped aseptic surgical facility and provides laboratory animal technicians trained in anesthesia support, surgical assistance and postoperative care of laboratory animals. Veterinary staff are available for consultation and the provision of surgical services.