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Office of Sponsored Programs

Registration Help with Agencies

To request a username for sponsor electronic grant submission/management systems, register with the sponsor per their instructions in the links below. OSP will review and approve upon notification from the sponsor.

If a sponsor does not have a registration link, please go to OSP Electronic User Registration link. Complete the form and a representative from OSP will contact you regarding your registration request. Registration requests should be made as far in advance of proposal submission deadlines as possible, but no later than 3 days prior to electronic submission due dates to ensure registration and allow for on-time proposal submission.

ezFed Grants - Registration Link

FedConnect - Registration Link - Contact our Business Communications Specialist - Registration Link

Grants Management System - Registration Link

Grants Online - Contact our Business Communications Specialist to be added as a user.

Grants Solutions - Download the fillable pdf form for new account creation. Enter your information, sign the form and email it to the Business Communications Specialist.

JustGrants - Contact the Business Communications Specialist to be added as a user through a system generated invite.

NIH eRA Commons - After September 15, 2021, you will be required to only use your account with two-factor authentication, making your eRA account much more secure, and when this happens, you will no longer be able to log in using your eRA account credentials or your InCommon Federated account credentials. Once you associate your eRA account with your account, the next time you go to the eRA login screen you will simply use the link and enter your new account credentials. Go to the eRA Commons home screen, click LOGIN.GOV, and follow the on-screen prompts. Here is a cheatsheet with detailed steps and screenshots.

NSPIRES -  To learn how to register for a new account visit their website or go through their quick guide.

Research.GOV/NSF FastlaneTo learn how to register for a new account visit Research.GOV. Upon registering, please complete the registration by logging in and changing your password. Once your account is active, you will receive a role. Make sure to input the additional information required by Research.GOV after receiving a role.

If you have an existing account with your previous organization, simply provide the NSF ID or your email to our Business Communications Specialist for your account to be affiliated with Clemson University.

To change your primary organization to your current organization, click My Profile on the left tab and then click View/Edit Profile. Click the View My Roles hyperlink and then click the Edit Your Contact Info to make changes. Please note that you will be able to make this change only after being approved for a PI role in the system. Make sure your email address is the Clemson University email.

To migrate an existing account read the PDF online Migrating Your Existing NSF Account.

U.S. Department of Energy - Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy - Registration link.

The Office of Sponsored Programs has centralized registered accounts with several other national agencies. For further help contact the Business Communications Specialist.

Office of Sponsored Programs
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