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Office of Sponsored Programs

Registration Help with Agencies

To request a username for sponsor electronic grant submission/management systems, register with the sponsor per their instructions in the links below. OSP will review and approve upon notification from the sponsor.

To register an account for NSF ( / NIH (eRA Commons) / NASA NSPIRES please use the  OSP Electronic User Registration form. Complete the form and a representative from OSP will contact you regarding your registration request. Registration requests should be made as far in advance of proposal submission deadlines as possible, but no later than 3 days prior to electronic submission due dates to ensure registration and allow for on-time proposal submission.

Note: To register new accounts on an agency portal you might need to enter the Cage Code / UEI number and search for the organization in order to affiliate your account with the university. You may refer to our  Standard Information for Proposal Applications  for any such information.

Below is the list of some of the agencies registered with the Office of Sponsored Programs. If you do not see a particular agency in the list or have any questions please reach out to our OSP office administrator.

Agency Accounts

  • eRA Commons / National Institute of Health (NIH)

    Note: Existing eRA Commons accounts with previous organizations can be affiliated with Clemson University (duplication of accounts is highly discouraged). Affiliation requests can be sent to the OSP office administrator.

    Note: Primary organization for a user profile cannot be edited. The Commons portal displays the organization name the user initially registered with. This however does not have any bearing on the proposal submission.

    Users can change their primary employment if they like by following the steps below:

    • Upon login, go to the Personal Profile tab on the top menu.
    • Add your current organization under the Employment section and Save the information.
  • / NSF Fastlane
    • Request for a new account through our OSP Electronic User Registration link.
    • Alternately, register for an account on the Research.Gov portal (refer to their online help if required). Upon registering, please complete the registration by logging in and changing your password. Once your account is active, you will receive a role. Make sure to input the additional information required by Research.GOV after receiving a role. A PI role will not be active until you update your profile.
    • If you have an existing account with a previous organization, you can simply affiliate your account with the new organization (duplication of accounts is highly discouraged). You may also update your primary organization (this is optional).
      • To update your current affiliation/role on the portal follow the steps below:
        • Sign into Click the My Profile menu tab and then click the Add a New Role option from the left navigation bar. After requesting a role, your organization’s administrator will receive the request electronically to approve or disapprove it.
      • To update your Primary organization, follow the steps below:
          • Click the My Profile menu tab and then click the View/Edit Profile from the left navigation bar.
          • Click the View My Roles hyperlink and then click the Edit Your Contact Info to make changes.

        *Please note that you will be able to make this change only after being approved for a PI role or a Proposed Postdoctoral Fellow role in the system. Make sure your email address is the Clemson University email.

    *For any account related issues do not hesitate to contact the OSP office administrator with your NSF ID (if you have one) and/or your email address.

    *Refer to NSF's online help if required.

  • GrantSolutions

    A GrantSolutions account can be requested via their electronic pdf form. The form needs to be filled up and signed by the user and then signed by their Supervisor or Authorized official and be emailed to our OSP office administrator. In the absence of the Supervisor the form can be sent to our OSP office administrator for the required signatures and further processing. The account creation takes 1 or 2 business days. 

    The same process needs to be followed for account change/closure.


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