Door Signs


New Door Signs on bioraftpic.jpg


Door Signs for Labs, facilities, and storage areas will now be created using BioRAFT. areahazardinfo.jpg

The new BioRAFT Door signs will: 

  • Provide an easier way to update information
  • Provide additional information on hazards and PPE including NFPA, GHS and PPE Pictograms
  • Provide a digital door sign with more detail for remote access by Emergency Response personnel when needed.
  • Top header banner colors to determine lab access - similar to the “Dots” system on the previous door signs:


Old Dot system color

New Headings selection color and verbiage with same entry requirements

Green entry allowed

blue – Attention

Yellow  escort required

yellow - Authorized personnel only

Yellow  escort required

yellow - Caution

Yellow  escort required

yellow Area Hazard

Yellow  escort required

yellow Designated area

Red entry not allowed

orange - warning

For a fact sheet on How to Complete a Door Sign Click here: Door Signs & NFPA Diamond (PDF)

Additional step by step instructions with detailed screen shots can be found on your BioRAFT dashboard at: 

For Any questions regarding Door signs please email: