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Community and Ethical Standards

Cheerleader and Rally Cats Policies

The varsity and junior varsity cheerleading squads and Rally Cats are programs sponsored by the University and are under the supervision of the Athletic Department. The squads represent the University and are financed by the Athletic Department. The University administration expects the squad captains, as well as all cheerleaders and Rally Cats, to have at all times the highest standards of conduct in acts, words and deeds. The University administration does not wish to interfere with the right of freedom of speech; nonetheless, the cheerleaders and Rally Cats, as official representatives of the University, will be expected to observe in cheers and remarks the canons of good taste. Profanity, vulgarity, including vulgar gestures and improper statements, will not be tolerated and are reasons for dismissal from the squad. The Spirit Squad Coordinator is responsible for all material used at games. As representatives of the Clemson University student body, the cheerleading and Rally Cats programs have one mission ­ to bring about full support of students and spectators in an effort to help the Clemson varsity athletic teams play their best.

Requests for off-campus appearances by the cheerleaders and Rally Cats will be addressed by the Athletic Department (864-656-3283). In general, participation of the cheerleaders, the Rally Cats, the Tiger Cub and the Clemson Tiger is limited to athletic events and pep rallies. The Tiger or Tiger Cub suit will not be loaned to organizations or persons outside the University.

No additional persons, whether student or nonstudent, will be asked to participate on the cheerleading or Rally Cat squads.

Contact: Athletics Public Relations, Ticket Office at Memorial Stadium, 864-656-2978.

Office of Community and Ethical Standards
Office of Community and Ethical Standards