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Undergraduate Admission Appeal Process

Each year, Clemson University receives more applications for undergraduate admission than there are spaces available. The admissions process is competitive and academically selective, therefore not all applicants can be granted admission.

Before submitting your appeal, please note the following:

  • Students who are placed on the waitlist are not eligible for appeal until a decision is made on their application.
  • Personal interviews with the Appeals Committee are not permitted.
  • Meeting with the admissions staff will not affect the outcome of the appeal.

If you are an incoming freshman:

In order for your appeal to be considered, you must provide an updated high school transcript showing improved academic performance and one or more of the following:

  • Improved SAT or ACT scores sent directly from the testing agency.
  • One to three letters of recommendation.
  • Supporting documentation for situations that are outside of the student’s control.

If you are a transfer student:

In order for your appeal to be considered, you must provide an updated college transcript that shows at least 30 hours of transferable credit and a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA along with one or more of the following:

  • Supporting documentation for situations that are outside of the student’s control.
  • One to three letters of recommendation.

How To Submit An Appeal

  • Fill out The Clemson University Admissions Appeal Form. Please use the same email and password that you created when your application was submitted.

  • Do not submit a second application for summer and/or fall admission.

  • Submit updated high school or college transcript and any supporting documents to All Supporting documentation should include your complete legal name, not just your preferred name or nickname.  Transfer students should not submit high school transcripts or standardized test scores. Appeals lacking the correct supporting documentation will not be considered

Appeals Calendar

Appeals Calendar
Submission Deadline
(appeal form and supporting documentation)
Notification date
March 1, 2019 Week of March 25
March 22, 2019 Week of April 8
April 15, 2019 Week of April 29
May 6, 2019 Week of May 20
After May 6, 2019 10-15 business days

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is allowed to appeal?
Applicants with new and compelling information that were denied undergraduate admission to Clemson University may submit an appeal.

I am waitlisted. Can I submit an appeal? No. If the wait listed student is later denied admission and has new and compelling information, an appeal would then be considered.

I have been invited to the Bridge to Clemson program, but wish to appeal. Is this possible?

Students with new and compelling information who have been invited to the Bridge to Clemson Program may submit an appeal. It is, however, highly recommended that students express an interest in Bridge and pay the required deposit while waiting to hear the results of their appeal. If the student is admitted to Clemson (including admission with required summer attendance or a spring semester deferment), and the student subsequently relinquishes his/her space in the Bridge program, any Bridge program deposits that have been paid will be refunded.

I have been admitted to other universities, but I would really like to come to Clemson. Should I wait for my appeal decision before accepting another offer?
We take great care in the consideration and decision making for all of our applicants and successful appeals are rare. Since there is no guarantee that an appeal decision will offer admission to Clemson, we always recommend that students be prepared to pursue alternative educational plans. Consider a back-up plan should your appeal to Clemson be denied or sustained.

My appeal was denied. Can I appeal a second time? 
No. Admissions does not allow for second appeals.