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Find out what makes the Clemson MRED Program unique.

We believe knowledge cannot be bound by a classroom or an individual area of concentration. As an MRED student, you will use current development projects in the rapidly growing, surrounding Southeastern states as a living, breathing classroom for the ultimate immersion learning experience.

Academic faculty have substantial professional experience and we also have several leading real estate professionals from the 1.4 million-person Greenville area who are class lecturer-instructors. We also have many guest speakers and are very active with the real estate development community. MRED is an applied professional program focusing on the best practices of the industry.

Class sizes are small to ensure that students have a nurturing environment that allows their natural talents to flourish. The program seeks an interdisciplinary student body that is entrepreneurial, yet team-oriented.

The program creates the educational opportunity for future development entrepreneurs to produce exciting, quality projects respecting environmental and economic sustainability, social consciousness, design excellence and financial feasibility within the risk-reward framework. The development industry is complex and requires leaders trained from diverse disciplinary perspectives.

Development Tours

We believe knowledge cannot be bound by a classroom or individual area of concentration. Clemson MRED students travel more than 30 days to visit current development projects and professionals in the surrounding Southeastern states as well as major US cities as a living, breathing classroom for the ultimate immersion learning experience.

Memberships & Networking

The Clemson MRED student has a distinct advantage—every student accepted into the program receives membership to several industry organizations, included in the cost of tuition. We firmly believe that students must be immersed in the industry as an integral part of their studies.


Understanding and identifying community needs helps our students become stewards of their communities and the people living in them.

Master of Real Estate Development
Master of Real Estate Development | 1 North Main Street Greenville, SC 29601