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B.A. English


Develop the skills needed to write critically, read analytically and communicate confidently as well as a broad cultural and intellectual perspective--invaluable skills in a global economy.

Read with insight. Communicate with confidence.

As English majors, students develop communication skills across various genres, in both traditional and new media. In the process, students develop your analytical reading, effective writing and superior critical thinking skills relevant to a wide range of 21st-century careers, including publishing, media, marketing, education and law. At every level, students graduate having analyzed and created a wide range of textual representations from an informed historical and international perspective. In the process, they imagine new possibilities for themselves and their communities, and they go on to represent these new possibilities in a variety of career and citizenship settings.

In this program, students enjoy small classes with others who arrive ready to discuss the work under consideration and with engaging teachers who are researching and publishing in the field. Nearly all English classes for our majors have fewer than 20 students. Students are expected to participate in class and to contribute to your own development outside the classroom. Clemson English faculty advise our students and encourage office-hour conversations. In addition, our program offers a variety of opportunities for students to explore and grow into their intended career paths. 

The English major features courses which focus on the rhetorical, linguistic, and practical concepts involved in representation considered both historically and across a range of digital, oral, print, and visual media to examine their respective advantages and to explore their most effective design processes. These courses involve in-depth study and analysis of audience, context, and purpose as applied to written and multimedia communication in various business and professional settings. Students may choose among a range of course offerings, including: Business Writing, Rhetoric, Visual Communication, Technical Writing, Editing, and Feature Writing.

The English major at Clemson is a program that challenges students to both become active participants in humanistic study and to develop an understanding of the intersection between literature, research, literary expression, professional communication, rhetoric, and creative writing. Students will learn the skills necessary to become excellent communicators and will be challenged to do so intelligently in both academic and professional environments.

English Major Curriculum

General Education (GED) and B.A. Requirements (48 hours)

Communication-6 hours

  • Composition (ENGL 1030)-3 hours
  • Oral Communication (COMM 1500 or 2500)- 3 hours

Mathematical, Scientific, and Technological Literacy-10 hours
Complete list of options in Undergraduate Announcements:

  • Mathematics (options include EX ST 2220*; MTHSC 1010, 1020, 1060) – 3 hours
  • Natural Science with Lab (options include ASTR 1010/1030, 1020/1040; BIOL 1200/1210, 1200/1220, 1200/1230, 1200/1240; CH 1010, 1020, 1050*, 1060*; GEOL 1010/1030; PHYS 2070/2090) – 4 hours
  • Mathematics or Natural Science (additional GED math or science, with or without lab; options include BIOSC 2000*) – 3 hours
    *Course also fulfills Science & Technology in Society (STS) requirement

Arts and Humanities—6 hours

  • Literature (ENGL 2120) – 3 hours
  • Non-Literature (PHIL 1010, 1020, 1030) – 3 hours

Social Sciences—6 hours

  • HIST 1730 – 3 hours
  • Non-history course listed in Undergraduate Announcements (options include ANTH 2010; ECON 2000, 2110; GEOG 1010, 1030, 1060; PO SC 1010, 1020, 1040; PSYCH 2010; SOC 2010) – 3 hours

Cross-Cultural Awareness—3 hours

  • HIST 1720 – 3 hours

Science and Technology in Society—3 hours

  • If not satisfied by Requirement II, then course listed in Undergraduate Announcements – 3 hours

Foreign Language—14 hours
Through 2020-level in the same language; typically satisfied by one of two sequences:

  • 1010, 1020, 2010, 2020 – 14 hours; OR
  • 1040*, 2010, 2020 (Option in French, German, & Spanish only) – 14 hours
    *Students who complete 1040 with a C or better can apply for 4 additional credits
Department of English
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