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Department of History and Geography

History B.A. - Digital History Emphasis

Digital History Emphasis Area

 ContactDr. Douglas Seefeldt

Clemson history majors have the option to enroll in a 15 credit undergraduate digital history emphasis area. Basic digital methods will increasingly be used by all historians and museum professionals and are relevant to many other fields. 

Digital history includes:

  • developing and using online archives
  • analyzing large amounts of data, such as census records
  • studying interconnections using data visualization
  • text searching and analysis
  • working with historical images
  • digital processing and storage of oral history interviews
  • integrating historical data with maps (old and new) using geographical information systems
  • presenting historical results and engaging larger audiences using web pages
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Emphasis Area Requirements

  • One of CPSC 1010, CPSC 1060, STAT 2220, STAT 2300, or STAT 3090 (each STAT course meets the General Education Mathematics requirement)
  • HIST 2150 - Introduction to Digital History
  • GEOG 3100 - GIS for Humanities and Social Sciences
  • HIST 2990 and either HIST 4900 or HIST 4980 
  • At least 6 credits from HIST 3880 - Digital History Creative Inquiry and/or HIST 4150 - Topics in Digital History
  • 15 additional credits in History. Students must take three hours each of United States history, European history, and non-Western history, in addition to three hours of history at the 4000 level (in addition to HIST 4900 or HIST 4980). No more than six hours of 1000- and 2000-level history courses (in addition to HIST 2140, HIST 2150 and HIST 2990) may be counted towards the Major Requirements.
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