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History and Geography

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History is more than simply memorizing dates. It is more than just learning about what happened in the past. Studying history allows us to understand that the complex current world is the legacy of what occurred before. Our programs help to develop critical thinking, research and writing skills, and an ability to analyze information and construct clear, concise and persuasive arguments. This is the foundation one builds in studying history and large part of the reason our history majors have built successful careers in a wide range of industries.

B.A. in History
History and Geography on campus

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    Unscripted with Clemson History Students

    “History to me is to important because, the events of the past have truly shaped our present day and can possibly shape our realize how the tools that I take and I learn in class, I can relate it in my day-to-day activities.”

    Giovanni Gibbs
    History Student
    Callahan Moore Unscripted

    “That's one of the things I love best about history. It's not fitting you into a box in terms of how to think. It's giving you a lot of information and change over time, presenting you with an argument, and then giving you the opportunity to respond to that argument and create your own.”

    Callahan Moore
    History Student

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    Department of History and Geography
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