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History and Geography

Course Descriptions: Digital History Ph.D.

Digital History Course Overviews

Digital Field Courses


HIST 8500: Digital Methods for History I

An introduction to the use of digital technologies for historical scholarship. Students gain direct experience with basic digital methods and how they can be used to support historical arguments (3 cr).

HIST 8510: Digital Methods for History II

The use of computational methodologies in developing and analyzing historical questions using programming. Students learn to collect, manipulate, analyze, and visualize data. Students learn how historians can use textual, geospatial, and other forms of analysis to support historical arguments (3 cr).

HIST 8520: Digital Historiography

The history of digital and computational history and their impact on larger historiographical arguments. Students prepare for the digital history exam required of all doctoral students in the digital history program (3 cr). 

HIST 8540: Topics in Digital History

Exploration of a topic in digital history, such as a particular technique for historical research or one type of project to share history with an audience. Students develop substantial projects of their own (3 cr. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits, but only if a different topic is covered). Preq: HIST 2150.

HIST 8550: Seminar in Digital History

Seminar in digital methodologies which prepares students to do further research in digital history (3 cr. May be repeated for a maximum of nine credits with consent of the graduate program director, but only if different topics are covered).

Primary and Concentration Field

Primary Field and Concentration Field content courses are to be selected from Hist 8000 level seminars and 6000 level courses taught with undergraduate sections by permission of the graduate program director (see course catalog for all graduate course offerings).

Primary Field Graduate Seminar

See course catalog for all graduate seminar offerings

HIST 8850: Independent Study

Critical study of a historical topic, selected according to needs of the student and with approval of graduate program director. (3 cr. May be repeated for credit with consent of graduate program director).

HIST 8860: Graduate Readings

This readings course is used by students to prepare for comprehensive exams. Students submit writing assignments as assigned by the individual professor (3 cr. May be repeated for a maximum of 18 credits).

Career Diversity Courses

HIST 4190/6190: Grant Writing for Public and Digital History

Introduction to the process of grant writing. Students also learn how nonprofit institutions, such as historical societies and museums, operate and the funding challenges that they face (3 cr.). Preq: Sophomore standing.

HIST 8580: History Graduate Practicum

In this internship experience, students are immersed in a professional work environment that aligns with their career goals. Students learn both theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to work in their desired field (3 cr. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits).

HIST 8880: Professional Research and Writing

Professional research and writing skills to prepare students to engage with various publics in multiple mediums (3 cr.).

Core Courses


HIST 8810: Historiography

Seminar discussion of contemporary approaches and methodologies used by historians; exploration of current debates over major issues confronting the discipline of history (3 cr).


HIST 9910: Doctoral Dissertation Research and Writing

Students work on researching and writing their dissertation under the supervision of a professor. Students are expected to present their work at least once a year in a departmental seminar. To be taken Pass/No Pass only (3 cr. May be repeated for a maximum of 54 credits).

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