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History and Geography

Current Students

Graduate Handbook:

The Digital History Ph.D. Program's Graduate Handbook is a useful guide to our doctoral program and serves as a reference tool for navigating administrative and bureaucratic procedures.

  • Handbook for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Digital History (last updated 3/2023)

Forms for Current Students:

  • Course of Study Form - Formalizes an advisory committee and plan of study. Typically is completed in the Spring of your first year.
  • Independent Study Request - Due either Nov 1st (Fall) or April 1st (Spring) the semester prior to taking the course.
  • Graduate Readings Request - Due either Nov 1st (Fall) or April 1st (Spring) the semester prior to taking the course.
  • GS2 - Plan of Study - Students must file a GS2 Plan of Study or graduate degree curriculum (available in iROAR) early in their 4th semester. This plan represents your individual curriculum as recommended by your advisory committee and should follow the curriculum outlined on your course of study.
  • 2nd Year Review (formerly 36-hour review) - The Digital History PhD program requires that all students be evaluated to determine if the student will be permitted to continue in the doctoral program. The evaluation happens in the spring of the second year. Students should initiate this process by sending this form to their advisor no later than February 15th. This evaluation will normally take place and students will be notified of the result by April 15th.
  • Field Exam Questions - Used by field supervisors and advisors to submit questions for the written field exam. To be submitted to the director no less than 7 days ahead of the exam.
  • Field Exam Result - Used by faculty to record the result of the written field exam in the primary, concentration, or digital field.