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BA in Language and International Business
Languages Department

BA in Language and International Business

B.A. in Language & International Business (LAIB)

Welcome to our unique Bachelor of Arts degree program. Right now is an exciting time to prepare yourself to launch a career using advanced language skills in the field of international business. With this brand of training, countless doors of opportunity will open for you in the increasingly global marketplace!

BA in Language and International Business

About LAIB

The LAIB program of study was launched in 1987 here at Clemson University. Originally known as Language and International Trade, the name was changed to Language and International Business to more accurately reflect the nature and focus of the program. This degree is basically a double major that combines: 1) modern language study (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish) with a 2) professional stream (selected from business, tourism and economics courses).

This broad method of training prepares students to become dynamic actors in career fields including: Marketing and Sales, Purchasing, Finance and Accounting, Management, International Law, Import / Export, and even Government Service. 

In addition to 122 hours of coursework for the LAIB major, all students are required to complete an approved study abroad program in a country in which they will make extensive use of and receive real-life training in the target language they have studied in the classroom. Each student also completes an approved internship with an international company

LAIB graduates are employed in a great variety of fields and are making their mark on the world in impressive ways; we are very proud of their accomplishments. Come join us! 

Contact Information

Director: Jae Takeuchi, 



Su-I Chen, 


Anna Grace Araiza,  

Kelly Peebles,

Eric Touya, 


Lee Ferrell, 

Johannes Schmidt,


Luca Barattoni,


Kumiko Saito, 

Satomi Saito, 

Jae Takeuchi, 


Anna Grace Araiza,  

Daniel Garcia Vieyra,

Magdaléna Matušková, 

Maureen Zamora, 

Rosa Pillcurima, 


Director of the LAIB Program

Dr. Jae Takeuchi’s specialty is Japanese sociolinguistics, second language acquisition, and foreign language pedagogy. Her research focuses on the experiences of Japanese second language speakers who are long-term residents of Japan. She is particularly interested in how they navigate Japanese speech styles, such as dialects and keigo, which they encounter in local communities, workplaces, and leisure activities.

Contact Prof. Jae Takeuchi
Prof. Jae Takeuchi
Department of Languages
Department of Languages | 717 Strode Tower, Clemson, SC 29634