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The Spanish Program at Clemson University helps students develop skills in critical thinking and intercultural communication as well as the ability to speak, listen, read, write, and conduct research in Spanish. The Program engages students, scholars and members of national and international communities in the interdisciplinary study of language, culture, business, and health of the Spanish-speaking worlds, including Spain, Latin America, Africa and the US.


Why Spanish?

Spanish is a major world language, spoken by more native speakers than any other except Mandarin Chinese.  Spanish ranks fourth in number of total speakers worldwide after English, Mandarin, and Hindi.  Spanish is spoken more than any other language in the United States after English.  The United States ranks second after Mexico in number of Spanish speakers by country. Spanish is studied by more students in the United States than any other second language.  The study of Spanish includes oral and written communication along with the cultures and history of the countries where it is the principal language. This study also includes the great literature written in Spanish and Spanish linguistics, the history of the language and its relationship to all other languages, as well as Spanish-English bilingualism in the United States.  Spanish is not only an asset to anyone's education but indispensable for communication in many settings worldwide and in the United States, such as in business, healthcare, and education. 

What Does It Offer?

 The Program offers:

  • Modern Languages: Spanish Emphasis Area, BA
    The Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Languages-Spanish proposes a broadly humanistic course of study to provide students with basic competence in both the language and the literary and cultural heritage pertaining to Spanish. The Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages is intended to prepare students for a wide range of careers in the international arena as well as for graduate programs.
  • Language and International Health, BS: Spanish
    The Bachelor of Science program in Language and International Health is jointly administered by the Department of Languages and the Department of Public Health Sciences. The Spanish concentration area emphasizes linguistic and cultural proficiency in the language by studying cultures, literatures, technical language, health environments, and multicultural issues. Graduates are qualified to assume positions in hospital systems, consulting firms, managed care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and community centers. They can also pursue professional health degrees.
  • Language and International Business, BA: Spanish
    The Spanish concentration area of the Bachelor of Arts program in Language and International Business prepares students in communicative competence in the language, a familiarity with specific cultures, literatures, business environments, and the knowledge and skills to pursue graduate studies or careers in business. The International Business Conference provides leadership and networking opportunities for students of foreign languages and promotes student awareness of international businesses in the region.
  • Spanish Studies Minor
    A minor in Spanish Studies requires 15 credits of 3000- and 4000-level SPAN courses, including at least one 4000-level literature course (select from SPAN 4010, SPAN 4030, SPAN 4040, SPAN 4050, SPAN 4060, SPAN 4070, SPAN 4220, and SPAN 4990). SPAN 4380 and SPAN 4390 may not be used to satisfy requirements for the Spanish Studies minor.
  • Spanish-American Area Studies Minor
    A minor in Spanish-American Area Studies requires the equivalent of SPAN 2020; and ECON 4100 and 12 additional credits distributed as follows: Six credits selected from GEOG 3400, HIST 3400, HIST 3410, HIST 3420 and HIST 4400. Six credits selected from SPAN 3080, SPAN 3110, SPAN 3820, SPAN 4030, SPAN 4220 and SPAN 4350.
  • Spanish Courses Online

    Spanish Courses Online: Summer 2022 

    Summer Session I: 05/17-06/24 

    • SPAN 1010-001, Elementary Spanish 
    • SPAN 1020-001, Elementary Spanish  
    • SPAN 2010-001, Intermediate Spanish 
    • SPAN 2010-002, Intermediate Spanish 
    • SPAN 2020-001, Intermediate Spanish 
    • SPAN 2020-002, Intermediate Spanish 
    • SPAN 3010-001, Spanish Composition for Health Professionals 
    • SPAN 3020-001, Int Span Grammar and Composition I 
    • SPAN 3080-001, The Hispanic World: Latin America 
    • SPAN 4010-002, New Spanish Fiction  
    Summer Session II: 06/29-08/08 
    • SPAN 1020-002, Elementary Spanish 
    • SPAN 2010-003, Intermediate Spanish 
    • SPAN 2020-004, Intermediate Spanish 
    • SPAN 3020-002, Int Span Grammar and Composition I 
    • SPAN 3050-001, Int Span Conversation and Composition 
    • SPAN 3070-001, The Hispanic World: Spain 
    • SPAN 3110-001, Survey of Spanish-American Literature 
    • SPAN 3150-001, Spanish for Health Professionals 
    • SPAN 3180-001, Spanish through Culture 
    • SPAN 4060-001, Hispanic Narrative Fiction 
  • Educational Activities
    Need online homework support? Improve your language skills? Learn about Hispanic culture? Watch films and learn about the Hispanic community in the world? And more?  Click HERE for more information.

Contact information

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703 Strode Tower 
Phone: 864-656-6433

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