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study abroad

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

In the Department of Languages, students are required to study abroad as part of their degree program. We view this remarkable academic opportunity as a core strength and a distinguishing characteristic of our majors. 

As a College and Department, we consider ourselves to be global citizens committed to lifelong exploration and achievement, both abroad and at home. We require all of our students to integrate globally-focused experiences into their programs of study in order to build a vital core of self-awareness and understanding of different cultures.

Study abroad, international internships and service-learning open minds to new ways of thinking and learning through experiences. Navigating and adapting to unfamiliar environments; communicating across cultures; curiosity and questioning that lead to creative problem solving; these are all essential components of a 21st-century education that are enhanced by global experiences.

A degree in languages is not limited by geographic boundaries; the world is our campus.


Initial Steps

Getting Started

Each student majoring in a language is required to study abroad. Language minors and those interested in learning more about a different culture have many opportunities to explore other countries as well. Because every program is different, the requirements and course prerequisites may vary. Please use the Pam Hendrix Center link to search for programs. For more information, please contact your academic advisor and the College of Architecture, Arts & Humanities Office of Global Engagement at


Links to Faculty-Directed Programs

Clemson Language Immersion Program (CLIP): German

Clemson Language Immersion Program (CLIP): Spanish

Clemson in Compostela, Spain

Clemson Spanish and Internships in Argentina

CU in China (12 Credit Hour Program)

CU in China (6-Credit Program)

Reggio Emilia Collaborative Study Abroad Program

Remembering D-Day: London, Normandy & Paris

CAAH Global Engagement

Pam Hendrix Center for Education Abroad

Major Requirements and Opportunities

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Modern languages

  • All Modern Languages students are required to study abroad with a Clemson-approved program for at least one semester in the case of Japanese and Spanish or for at least two semesters in the case of French and German or as advised by the program director and department academic advisor.
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  • Study abroad of at least one semester at a degree-providing institution in the target language setting is mandatory. Students are strongly encouraged to complete at least one advanced modern language course in their area or to engage in an immersion experience prior to enrolling in study abroad programs.
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  • Study abroad and an internship of at least 135 contact hours are mandatory. Both the study abroad and internship must be conducted in a target-language setting and selected from a list of L&IH pre-approved programs. Students may petition for L&IH approval of an alternate program by application; these are considered on a case-by-case basis.
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