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Languages Department



Students in the Bachelor of Arts programs in Modern Languages, Language and International Business, and Language and International Health are required, as a condition of graduation, to submit a noncredit digital electronic portfolio (eDossier) to document and assess their professional and personal development while at Clemson University.

Exit Exams

The exit exam is a graduation requirement for all Modern Languages, LAIB, ad L&IH majors. It is to be taken during the student’s last semester on campus before graduation. Go to the page to see details and sign up to take the exam. Graduate students who need to satisfy the foreign language requirement by the program should follow the program guidelines. This page lists the professors in charge If you need to contact the Department of Languages for exams.

Language Laboratory

The Clemson Language Laboratory is a multi functional space serving faculty and students in the Department of Languages as well as others throughout the University community.

Modern Language Placement Test

If your intended major requires a modern language (or if you wish to take a modern language course as an elective) and you plan to take French, German or Spanish to meet that requirement, you must take the Clemson Modern Language Placement Test (FLPT) before registering for a modern language course. Even if you take an AP or IB exam or the SAT II test, you are still required to take the FLPT.


Students of all LAIB and L&IH majors are required to complete internship before graduation.

Modern Language Credit Exemption Policy

This page explains the credit exemption policy with FAQs.

Other Resources

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