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LAIB Internship Information

Resources for internships in LAIB

All LAIB majors are required to complete an internship of a minimum of 140 hours with an international company, either in the United States or abroad. These internship experiences give students the opportunity to apply classroom learning to the business/industrial work environment.

These are the steps to fulfilling the LAIB Internship Requirement: (1) the employer and student fill out the internship form (see below), (2) send the form to the LAIB Director for approval, (3) complete the internship with an international company, and (4) in the semester following the internship, take LAIB 4000 and write an 8-10 page research paper in the target language about the company and the internship. Contact the LAIB Director if you have any questions.

L&IH Internship Information

An internship of at least 135 contact hours and a semester study abroad are mandatory. Both the internship and study abroad must be conducted in a target-language setting and selected from a list of L&IH pre-approved programs. Students may petition for L&IH approval of an alternate program by application; these are considered on a case-by-case basis (please contact Prof. Schmucker:

Students should work closely with their academic advisor (Araiza, Schmucker, Peebles, or Zhang) to determine the best timing for their study & internship abroad.

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