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Modern Language Credit Exemption Policy

Modern Language Requirement for BA Majors

    1. The Curriculum Committee approved for the Foreign Language Requirement to be renamed the Modern Language Requirement. This change appeared in the 2016-2017 Undergraduate Announcements.
    2. The Modern Language Placement Exam does not award a student any credit towards his or her Modern Language Requirement. It is solely used as a tool to help identify in which course a student should begin his or her language study.
    3. Students will only receive exemption credit after completing a course at Clemson, with a grade of C or higher.
      • Just because a student has completed a 2020 language course, does not automatically mean he or she has qualified for exemption credit for courses missing in the 1010-2020 language course sequence. This affects students who transfer to Clemson and students who choose to take language courses at other institutions.
      • For example, if a student takes the equivalent of SPAN 2020 at another institution, and wants or needs credit for SPAN 1010, 1020, and 2010, he or she will need to take a 3000 level SPAN course at Clemson and pass that course with a grade of C or higher in order to be eligible for exemption credit.
      • If a student has met the Modern Language Requirement as specified by the student’s degree program and that student does not want or need exemption credit for missing courses in the 1010-2020 language sequence, it is the student’s responsibility to replace any missing credit hours with elective hours in order to reach the total number of credit hours required for the degree program.

Modern Language Credit Exemption Policy

A grade of “C” or higher in any basic to intermediate language course taken at Clemson (i.e. 1010 through 2020) will earn students exemption credit for all courses in the same language with a course number lower than the one passed. Exemption credit is awarded automatically for French, German and Spanish with validating courses numbered through 2020. 

For any other language, or for validating courses at the 3000-4000 level, students must complete Request for Exemption Credit Form after grades are reported. When information on the form is verified, a letter of credit is sent to the Office of Enrolled Student Services (104 Sikes) awarding the appropriate credit hours. The process may take two weeks or more.

Reasons the Department of Languages will not award exemption credit:

      • Request based on a language course taken at another college or university 
      • Request based on placement into a course level at another college or university when credit for exempted course(s) does not appear on student’s transcript 
      • Request based on credit received through “Credit by Special Examination” 
      • Request for credit for a course that student has previously failed.

Native and heritage speakers cannot waive their language requirement.

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