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eDossier Submission

Deadlines for 2021 Fall submission of all eDossiers (for December Graduation)

Draft: October 15, 2021
Final: November 12, 2021

Submission Deadlines for the Spring semester of 2022 (for May AND August graduation)

Draft: March 11, 2022
Final: April 15, 2022

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Senior ePortfolio


  • Introduction
    Students in the Bachelor of Arts programs in Modern Languages, Language and International Business, and Language and International Health are required, as a condition of graduation, to submit a digital electronic portfolio (eDossier) to document and assess their professional and personal development while at Clemson University.

    The objective of the eDossier is to collect, evaluate and present selected material that reflects the academic and personal development while at Clemson University. The eDossier is the starting point of the job application process, which could potentially be presented to prospective employers. Many companies require the inclusion of such a portfolio. The quality of the ePortfolio thus depends on the student's continuous engagement in collecting and evaluating appropriate material for the eDossier.

    An item that a student produces and incorporates in the eDossier is called an artifact. Artifacts can include but are not limited to documents (e.g., text, html, presentations, spreadsheets), audio and video files, photos and images, as well as all multi-media projects and mixed-media. It is important to provide supporting information on all documents (e.g. date, context, relevant course, student's own evaluation, etc.). If possible, original material should be provided.

    Students need to begin collecting material beginning their first semester at Clemson University. Evaluation, selection and assessment of the eDossier will take place during the student's final year.

    Students in the ML and LAIB programs should take LANG4990 to complete the eDossier. Students in the LIH program will be introduced to the eDossier in LIH 1270, continue their work in LIH 3990 and LIH 4000, and submit the final product in their last semester.
  • Departmental eDossier Advisor
    Dr. Su-I Chen
    Daniel Hall 215
    (864) 656-2852
  • Content Requirements for the eDossier

    These guidelines apply to all majors in the Department of Languages (Modern Languages, LAIB, LIH, All Languages). For additional information and examples visit (

    Download eDossier Guidelines (PDF)

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