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Entomologists study insects, the most diverse group of animals on Earth, critical to the ecosystems that sustain human society. Insects have enormous positive and negative effects on food production and human health, providing natural pest control and waste decomposition, while also responsible for transmission of human and animal diseases and causing billions of dollars in yearly losses to crops, stored products, forests, and buildings.

Clemson’s Entomology program dates to the University’s founding as the ‘Clemson Agricultural College’. Clemson entomologists take an integrative approach to a diverse array of basic and applied research questions. The program currently resides within the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, providing students and faculty opportunities for close interactions with a wide variety of environmental and natural resource scientists.

Faculty expertise is concentrated in three Emphasis Areas, Biodiversity, Systematics & Evolution; Agricultural & Applied Ecology; and Urban & Medical Entomology. The Entomology group also supports research programs in Insect Genomics & Physiology and Apiculture.

Located in the Piedmont region of Upstate South Carolina, Clemson is situated amidst remarkable natural biodiversity while close to a wide range of production systems. Clemson offers outstanding research facilities, including the Clemson University Arthropod Collection and excellent high-performance computing and imaging facilities. Off-campus, Clemson maintains research stations throughout the state.

The Clemson Entomology program is launching several new funding opportunities for graduate students for Fall 2018. Check out Clemson Entomology, and see for yourself what we have to offer.

Seminar series

View the Spring, 2018 seminar schedule (pdf).

Entomology Club

The Clemson University Entomology Society (Entomology Club) is open to anyone in the Clemson community with an interest in insects. Full time students make up the core membership, but faculty and staff also participate in Entomology Club events.

Clemson University Entomology Societ

John C. Morse – Professor Emeritus, Clemson University

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