Juang-Horng Chong

Associate Professor
Extension Specialist - Turf and Ornamentals Entomology
Horticulture Program Team, Plant and Environmental Sciences Department, PeeDee Research and Education Center

Office: Pee Dee Research & Education Center
Phone: 843-519-0479
Fax: 8436612112

Email: juanghc@clemson.edu

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Entomology
University of Georgia 2005

M.S. Entomology
University of Georgia 2001

B.S. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Arizona 1999

 Courses Taught

PLPA/ENT 4060/6060 Diseases and Insects of Turfgrasses
PLPA/ENT 4080/6080 Diseases and Insects of Turfgrasses - Lab


I joined Clemson University in 2007, with research and extension responsibilities in commercial turfgrass and ornamental plant pest management. I work with my stakeholders to develop research and extension programs that improve the management of insect and mite pests in turfgrass and ornamental plant production and maintenance systems.


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