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Clemson University
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Charles Beard

Research Specialist
Plant and Environmental Sciences Department

Office: Cherry Farm Insectary
Phone: 864-656-5070

Personal Website:


Educational Background

Ph.D Plant Physiology
Clemson University 2002

MS Biology
Georgia College 1986

BS Biology
Mercer University 1981

Courses Taught

Plant form and function
General Biology
Creative Inquiry


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Nelder, M. P., C. E. BEARD, and J. W. McCreadie. 2010. Seasonality and host usage of trichomycetes in larval black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae) of southern Alabama, USA. Fungal Ecology 3:43-48.

McCreadie, J. W., P. H. Adler and C. E. BEARD. 2011. Ecology of symbiotes of larval black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae): distribution, diversity, and scale. (Invited) Environmental Entomology 40:289-302.

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Lehnert, M. S., D. Monaenkova, T. Andrukh, C. E. BEARD, P. H. Adler, and K. G. Kornev 2013. Hydrophobic-hydrophilic dichotomy of the butterfly proboscis. Journal of the Royal Society Interface. Posted online June 12, 2013. doi: 10.1098/rsif.2013.0336. [Featured in Science News]

Tsai, C.-C., D. Monaenkova, C. E. BEARD, P. H. Adler and K. G. Kornev. 2014. Paradox of the drinking-straw model of the butterfly proboscis. Journal of Experimental Biology. In press.

Lehnert, M. S., C. E. BEARD, P. D. Gerard, K. G. Kornev, and P. H. Adler. 2015. Structure of the Lepidopteran proboscis in relation to feeding guild. Journal of Morphology. In press.


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Association of Southeastern Biologists
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