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Plant and Environmental Sciences

Graduate Faculty Advisors

Name Title Email Phone
Jeffrey Adelberg Professor of Horticulture 864-650-3011
Peter Adler Professor 864-656-5044
Paula Agudelo Professor of Plant Pathology 864-656-2810
Daniel J Anco Extension Peanut Specialist 803-284-3343
John Andrae Assistant Director Experiment Station 864-933-5987
Robert Bellinger Professor, Entomology 864-656-5042
Eric Benson Professor 864-656-7860
Tom Bilbo Assistant Professor 843-402-5393
Richard Boyles Assistant Professor of Plant Breeding & Genetics 843-519-0488
Sandra Branham Assistant Professor of Vegetable Breeding and Genetics 843-402-5311
Carlyle Brewster Department Chair & Professor 864-656-3352
Michael Caterino John and Suzanne Morse Chair of Arthropod Biodiversity 864-656-3105
Elizabeth Cieniewicz Assistant Professor of Plant Virology 864-656-6930
Joseph Culin Professor 864-650-0154
Matthew Cutulle Assistant Professor Vegetable Weed Science 843-402-5399
Benjamin Fallen Assistant Professor 843-519-0472
Bhupinder Farmaha Assistant Professor, Nutrient Management Specialist 803-284-3343
James Faust Professor of Floriculture Physiology 864-633-7227
Ksenija Gasic Professor of Horticulture, Peach Genetics and Breeding 864-656-3664
Jeremy Greene Professor of Entomology 803-284-3343
Jenna Hershberger Assistant Professor of Vegetable Breeding and Genetics 843-519-0472
Steven Jeffers Professor of Plant Pathology & Extension Specialist, Ornamental Crops & Trees 864-656-7157
Michael Jones Extension Cotton Specialist 843-519-0477
Anthony Keinath Professor of Plant Pathology 843-402-5390
Julia Kerrigan Associate Professor, Mycology 864-656-2640
Kendall Kirk Precision Agriculture Engineer 864-844-3423
Haibo Liu Professor of Turfgrass and Soil Sciences 864-506-6260
Michael Marshall Assistant Professor 803-522-1415
Lambert (Bert) McCarty Professor of Turfgrass Science & Management 864-656-0120
Juan Carlos Melgar Associate Professor of Pomology 864-656-4562
John Morse Professor Emeritus of Entomology 864-656-5049
John Mueller Professor of Plant Pathology 803-284-3343
Sruthi Narayanan Associate Professor of Crop Ecophysiology 864-656-2419
Dara Park Professor in Soil and Water Dynamics 843-319-4957
Michael Plumblee Extension Corn and Soybean Specialist 803-284-3343
Gregory Reighard Professor Emeritus of Horticulture 864-710-2692
Trevor Rife Assistant Professor of Phenomics and Crop Improvement 843-519-0460
Sachin Rustgi Associate Professor of Molecular Breeding and Faculty Scholar in Clemson University School of Health Research 843-519-0475
Christopher Saski Associate Professor of Systems Genomics 864-656-6929
Rebecca Schmidt-Jeffris Research Scientist, USDA-ARS 509-454-6556
Vidya Suseela Associate Professor of Soil Ecology
Nishanth Tharayil Professor of Plant Ecophysiology 864-656-4453
Dil Thavarajah Professor of Pulse Quality and Nutritional Breeding 864-656-2607
Matthew Turnbull Associate Professor 864-656-2328
Hehe Wang Assistant Professor of Plant Bacteriology 803-284-3343
Sarah White Professor, Water Quality and Treatment; and Nursery Extension Specialist 864-656-7433
Pat Zungoli Professor of Entomology 864-656-5041

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Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences
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