James Faust

Assoc. Professor of Floriculture Physiology
Plant and Environmental Sciences Department, Experiment Station

Office: 165 P&A Bldg.
Phone: 864-633-7227
Email: jfaust@clemson.edu


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Horticulture
Michigan State University 1994

M.S. Horticulture
Michigan State University 1992

B.S.Ag Agriculture
Murray State University 1986

 Courses Taught

HORT 4400 Hydroponics (Fall semester)
HORT 2110/2111 Growing Garden Plants in the Spring (Spring semester)
HORT 4080 Horticulture Discovery and Inquiry (Fall & Spring semesters)

Graduate Students
Melissa Munoz, PhD
Katherine Bennett, MS
Jiwoo Park, MS
Michael Tierney, MS
Mary Vargo, MS


I specialize in Floriculture Physiology with a focus on quantifying the effects of environmental and cultural factors on the production of ornamental greenhouse crops. The U.S floriculture industry is valued at $5 billion/year (wholesale). The major crops are: Poinsettia (65.4 million units), Chrysanthemum (91.6 million units), Zonal Geraniums (63.7 million units), New Guinea Impatiens (30.9 million units), and Bedding Plants (44.4 million units). Poinsettia is the highest valued crop at $260 million annually (wholesale).


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