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Plant and Environmental Sciences

Recent Publications

  • Brasovs, Artis, Alexandre V. Palaoro, Pavel Aprelev, Charles E. Beard, Peter H. Adler, and Konstantin G. Kornev. "Haemolymph viscosity in hawkmoths and its implications for hovering flight."  Proceedings of the Royal Society Biological Sciences290, no. 1997.
  • Cai, Lichun, David Comont, Dana MacGregor, Claudia Lowe, Roland Beffa, Paula Neve, and Christopher Saski. "The blackgrass genome reveals patterns of non-parallel evolution of polygenic herbicide resistance."  New Phytologist23, no. 5 (December 1, 2022): 1891-907.
  • Caterino, M.S. 2023. "A new, flightless species of Medon (Staphylinidae: Paederinae) from high Appalachia, with intraspecific phylogeographic analysis and description of its associated larva." The Coleopterists Bulletin 77(4): 507-523.
  • Caterino, M.S., Arey, N.C. 2023. "Limited phylogeographic structure in a flightless, Appalachian chalcidoid wasp, Dipara trilineata (Yoshimoto) (Hymenoptera: Diparidae), with reassessment of the male of the species." Journal of Hymenoptera Research 96: 1061-1072.
  • Caterino, M.S. and Recuero, E. 2023. "Molecular diversity of Protura in southern High Appalachian leaf litter." Biodiversity Data Journal e113342: 1-10.
  • Caterino, M.S., and Yamamoto, S. 2023. "New onthophiline fossil species (Coleoptera: Histeridae: Onthophilinae) from mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber." The Coleopterists Bulletin 77(3): 432-438. 
  • Chitwood, Dylan G., Qinghua Wang, Stephanie R. Klauber, Kiana Green, Cathy H. Wu, Srarah W. Harcum, and Christopher Saski. "Microevolutionary dynamics of eccDNA in Chinese hamster ovary cells grown in fed-batch cultures under control and lactate-stressed conditions."  Scientific Reports (January 21, 2023).
  • Erhunmwunse, Adesuwa S., and Bhupinder S. Farmaha. "Soybean response to potassium, magnesium, and sulfur fertilization on Southeastern Coastal Plain soils."  Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment6, no. 1 (January 27, 2023).
  • Fletcher, Elizabeth, Robert Patterson, Jeffery Dunner, Christopher Saski, and Benjamin Fallen. "Evaluating the Effects of Flooding Stress during Multiple Growth Stages in Soybean."  agronomy13, no. 5 (April 27, 2023).
  • Ghimire O.P., Spivey W.W., Kuraparthy V., Campbell B.T., Jones M., Thomas J., Bridges W.C., Narayanan S. 2024. "Phenotypic variability in the U.S. upland cotton core set for root traits and water use efficiency at the late reproductive stage." Crop Science.
  • Hill, Isabella, Dara Park, William Bridges, and David White. "Comparison of tristimulus spectrocolorimeter measurements and human visual assessment of South Carolina field moist Munsell soil colors."  Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment6, no. 2 (June 2023).
  • Irshad, Annie, Michael W. Marshall, Jeremy K. Greene, and Bhupinder S. Farmaha. "Soybean yield response to Bradyrhizobium inoculation on southeastern coastal plain soils."  Agronomy Journal115, no. 2 (December 8, 2023): 1015-20.
  • Parris, Stephen, Whitney Huang, Don Jones, William Bridges, James Olvey, Mike Olvey, and Christopher Saski. "Geostatistical techniques to account for the heterogeneity of Fusarium wilt inoculum distribution in upland cotton field screening studies."  Crop Science(March 28, 2023).
  • Recuero, E. and Caterino, M.S. 2023. "A second species of the pill millipede genus Nearctomeris Wesener", 2013, from the Great Smoky Mountains, USA. ZooKeys 1166: 333-349. 
  • Sims, Albert L., Karina P. Fabrizzi, Daniel E. Kaiser, Carl J. Rosen, Jeffery A. Vetsch Jeffery S. Strock, John A. Lamb, and Bhupinder S. Farmaha. "Soil phosphorus balance in Minnesota soils and its effects on soil test phosphorus and soil phosphorus fractions."  Soil Science Society of America Journal(March 25, 2023).
  • Spivey W.W., Rustgi R., Welti R., Roth M.R., Burow M.D., Bridges Jr. W.C., Narayanan S. 2023. "Lipid Modulation contributes to heat stress adaptation in peanut." Frontiers in Plant Science. 14, 1299371.
  • Wilkes, Juliet E., Benjamin Fallen, Christopher Saski, and Paula Agudelo. "Development of SNP molecular markers associated with resistance to reniform nematode in soybean using KASP genotyping."  SpringerLink219, no. 27 (January 22, 2023).
  • St. Amie, Ricardo, William C. Bridges Jr., and Sruthi Narayanan."Interseeded cover crops did not reduce silage corn performance in the sandy loam soils of South Carolina."   Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment 6, no. 2.
  • St. Amie, Ricardo, William C. Bridges Jr., and Sruthi Narayanan. " Single- and multi-species cover crops can reduce weed presence and improve soil health without depleting soil water in the Southeastern clayey soils." Agronomy Journal 115, no.1.
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