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Plant and Environmental Sciences

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences is home to a number of disciplines related to the environment, food systems, sustainability, plant breeding, plant pathology, entomology, mycology, and soil and water sciences, among others. As such, we are a multidisciplinary department offering a number of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Horticulture (B.S.)

Plant and Environmental Sciences (B.S.)

Turfgrass (B.S.)

  • Curriculum Worksheets

    For a full list of curriculum worksheets for Undergraduate Programs visit our Student Services website.

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  • Advising FAQ

    For questions concerning Undergraduate Majors please visit the Advising page.

    Advising FAQ
  • Student Research

    Creative Inquiry is the imaginative combination of engaged learning and undergraduate research, and it is undergraduate research unique to Clemson University. Team-based investigations are led by a faculty mentor and typically span two to four semesters. Students take ownership of their projects and take the risks necessary to solve problems and get answers.

    The PES department has a number of Creative Inquiry courses available to undergraduates each semester. To discover what CI courses are available, visit the current projects page.

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  • CAFLS Advantage

    CAFLS Advantage funds learning experiences beyond the classroom, developing a student's critical thinking skills, preparing graduates to meet your career goals, and fueling the inspiration to tackle the grand challenges facing our state, nation and the world.

    CAFLS Advantage
  • Internships

    Getting started:

    Do I have to register for a class to do an internship? Horticulture and Turfgrass majors are required to do an internship for course credit, which counts toward their overall hours needed for graduation. Plant and Environmental Science majors are not required to do an internship. However, an internship is strongly recommended for any major, as it helps students gain valuable working experience in their major field.

    Why should I do an internship? Many employers are interested in newly graduated students who already have working experience, even if it is just for a few months! Internships are a way to gain experience in your major field, thus validating what you are studying. Not only this, but students can gain valuable connections with people in their field by doing an internship, as well as working references and recommendations. Many of our past students have found jobs at the very places they interned!

    Where can I do an internship? In theory – anywhere! Our students have done their internships abroad, and of course, closer to home. But you can do an internship wherever you like. You will just need to get pre-approval of your internship plans from your respective internship coordinator (see Getting Started). We do recommend, however, that you do your internship at a place where you haven’t previously interned or worked.

    Horticulture Internship Page
    Turfgrass Internship Page
  • Clubs

    PES offers the following clubs and organizations listed below. To view, a full list of clubs offered within CAFLS visit the club's page.

Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences | 171 Poole Agricultural Center Clemson, SC