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Jeffrey Adelberg

Professor of Horticulture
Plant and Environmental Sciences Department, Experiment Station

Office: 275 Poole Agricultural Center
Phone: 864-650-3011



Educational Background

Ph. D. Plant Physiology
Clemson University 1993

M. S. Horticulture
Rutgers University 1987

B. S. Plant Science
Rutgers University 1982

Courses Taught

Plant Propagation HORT 4040/6040, Spring every year
Plant Propagation Techniques Laboratory HORT 4050/4060, Spring every year
Plant Cell and Tissue Culture PES 8300, Spring every even year

Research Interests

High value plant propagation systems research addresses difficult problems across commodity disciplines. In vitro biology approaches plant development, disease resistance, mineral nutrition, propagation and germplasm conservation. Unique vessel designs, environmental control, and process integrate laboratory plants with greenhouse acclimatization and field application. Medicinal plant responses to environmental conditions with difficult to propagate species has been one specialty. One current project with microgreens includes mineral nutrition, vessel and packaging, and clean room process development.


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