Rebecca Schmidt-Jeffris

Assistant Professor
Vegetable and Strawberry Entomology
Horticulture Program Team, Plant and Environmental Sciences Department, Coastal Research and Education Center

Office: Coastal Research and Education Center, Charleston
Phone: 843-402-5311
Personal Website:


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Entomology
Washington State University 2015

B.S. Biology
Washburn University 2010


I am the vegetable and strawberry entomologist for South Carolina. I joined the department in February 2017. My responsibilities include building a research (70%) and extension (30%) program that improves management of mite and insect pests for our stakeholders.

I am involved in the Entomological Society of America and I currently serve on the Plant-Insect Ecosystem Section Governing Council and am the Program Chair for the 2019 meeting of the Southeastern Branch.

Recent Awards:
John Henry Comstock Award, Entomological Society of America (2016)
Richard and Constance Albrecht Award, WSU (2015)
Student Activity Award, ESA (2014)
Student Leadership Award, Pacific Branch ESA (2014)

 Research Interests

I am an applied arthropod ecologist. My prior studies have focused on improving sustainability in agriculture by understanding factors that affect pest and natural enemy populations in agroecosystems. I am interested in whole-system IPM approaches for solving pest management problems. In particular, I am building a research program that focuses on how cultural and biological control coupled with selective pesticide use can improve management outcomes. This includes examining effects of land management history, augmentative and conservation biological control, and pesticide efficacy and resistance management. I am also interested in the effects of soil health management, including cover crop use, on insect pests.

 Extension and Outreach

As part of my extension responsibilities, I offer relevant arthropod management training to stakeholders, aid in identification of arthropods and make management recommendations, and conduct on-farm trials to evaluate management practices and disseminate findings to stakeholders. I also contribute to the Southeastern U.S. Vegetable Crop Handbook, the Southeast Regional Strawberry IPM Guide, and the strawberry pests section of the myIPM app.


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