Jenna Hershberger

Assistant Professor of Vegetable Breeding and Genetics
Plant and Environmental Sciences Department, PeeDee Research and Education Center

Office: Pee Dee Research and Education Center
Phone: 843-519-0472
Personal Website:


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Plant Breeding and Genetics
Cornell University 2021

B.S. Horticulture
University of Wisconsin-Madison 2016

 Research Interests

To holistically meet the dietary needs of a growing population, improved crop varieties must adhere to consumer preferences and provide adequate quantities of micronutrients. But what makes a vegetable high quality, and how might this assessment differ across stakeholder groups? What is the genetic control of good flavor? How might available genetic resources be used to improve quality both efficiently and effectively?

Using tools from genomics, proximal sensing, and computer programming, the Hershberger lab seeks to explore these questions while breeding flavorful and nutritionally dense vegetables for South Carolina.


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