Robert Bellinger

Professor, Entomology
Extension Pesticide Safety Education Coordinator
Plant and Environmental Sciences Department

Office: 130 McGinty Court
Phone: 864-656-5042
Fax: 258 Poole Ag Center


 Educational Background

PhD Entomology
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University - Virginia Tech 1985

MS Entomology - IPM
University of Maryland 1979

BS Entomology
University of Maryland 1974

 Courses Taught

Currently teaching:
IPM 4010/6010 Principles of Integrated Pest Management (3)

Formerly taught:
ENT 4070/6070 Applied Agricultural Entomology (4)
PLPA 4060/6060 Diseases & Insects of Turfgrasses (Co-teach with Dr. Bruce Martin; ENT)(2)
PLPA 4080/6080 Diseases & Insects of Turfgrasses Lab (Co-teach with Dr. Bruce Martin; ENT)
FOR 4013/6013 Integrated Forest Pest Management (Co-taught with Dr. Julia Kerrigan)
Special Topic: Insecticide Toxicology (Co-taught with Drs. Eric Benson, Patricia Zungoli)
Special Topic: Tropical Entomology (Co-taught with Dr. Patricia Zungoli)

Va Tech
T.A - Integrated Pest Management Lab; Medical & Veterinary Insects Lab

Univ. of Md.
T.A. - Advanced Apiculture Lab


My appointment is 50% Extension:50% Teaching

 Research Interests

No formal research time appointed

 Extension and Outreach

Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program Coordinator
On-Farm Stored Grain Specialist
Pasture and Hay Insect Management Specialist
Forest Insect Management Specialist




Pesticide Safety Education Program