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Christopher Saski

Associate Professor of Systems Genomics
Plant and Environmental Sciences Department

Office: 306B Biosystems Research Complex
Phone: 864-656-6929



Educational Background

Ph.D. Genetics
Clemson University 2007

B.S. Microbiology
Clemson University 1999

Courses Taught

PES 4050/6050 Introduction to Plant Breeding (Spring semesters)
PES 3500 Practicum
PES 4550/8250 PES/ENT Seminar


Dr. Christopher Saski joined the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences at Clemson University in the Spring of 2018. Dr. Saski is a systems geneticist and translational scientist at the frontier of discovery to develop and deliver new ways to understand and exploit the crop genome and germplasm collections to advance crop breeding, productivity, horticultural traits, and resilience to abiotic/biotic stresses. Dr. Saski brings an array of disciplinary expertise to the PES department that includes genomics, bioinformatics, computational biology, functional genomics, and genome engineering. His research transcends basic and applied sciences, and these experiences are recapitulated in the classroom. Dr. Saski recently received a highly competitive research award from Target, NASA, and CASIS to conduct cotton research aboard the International Space Station. He also serves as the Chair of the International Rosaceous Crop Executive Committee (ROSEXEC), and as an active member of the International Cotton Genome Sequencing Committee. Dr. Saski is also involved in developing and teaching courses, and advising and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students.

Research Interests

Dr. Saski's research interests include the use of systems-scale approaches to understand disease resistance and horticultural qualities in Rosaceous crops (peach, plum, cherry, apple, almond, and others). He also investigates fiber traits, genome evolution, somatic embryogenesis, and gene function in Upland cotton; and genome dynamics of rapid adaptation in weeds. Ultimately, Dr. Saski's research portfolio is aimed to deliver healthier foods, more sustainable agriculture, and environmental systems that support agriculture.


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