Ksenija Gasic

Professor of Horticulture, Peach Genetics and Breeding
Peach Genetics and Breeeding
Horticulture Program Team, Plant and Environmental Sciences Department

Office: 306A BRC
Phone: 864-656-3664
Email: kgasic@clemson.edu
Personal Website: https://www.clemson.edu/cafls/gasic/index.html


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Fruit Genetics and Breeding
University of Novi Sad, Serbia 1999

M.S. Plant Genetics and Breeding
University of Novi Sad, Serbia 1993

B.S. Fruit growing and Viticulture
University of Novi Sad, Serbia 1989

 Courses Taught

Guest lecturer:
PES 4050/6050 Plant Breeding
HORT102 Peach breeding


Gasic and a national team of scientists are working on genomics, genetics, and breeding of rosaceous crops to develop and apply modern DNA-based tools to deliver new cultivars and rootstocks with superior product quality and disease resistance. Project Director Gasic and project co-Director Chris Saski, Clemson University, lead a new USDA-NIFA-SCRI project on development of short and long term solutions for Armillaria Root Rot replant issues stone fruit industry int he U.S. faces. Group of 18 scientists from 6 U.S. institutions, in collaboration with stone fruit stakeholders were awarded $5M grant for 4 years (2020-2024) to address this problem.

Service: Chair of CAFLS Crop Variety Recommendation and Release Committee, Vice-President of the National Association of Plant Breeders (NAPB) and the First Vice President of American Pomological Society. Co-Editor of the Fruit and Nut cultivar List, HortScience. Past-Chair of the U.S. Rosaceae Genomics, Genetics and Breeding Executive committee (RosEXEC). Chair of the Prunus CGC and SC representative and Past-Chair of the Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee (PBCC),.

Professional organizations: International Society for Horticultural Sciences, American Society for Horticultural Science, American Pomological Society, National Association of Plant Breeders, Eucarpia.

 Research Interests

My research focuses on development of high quality, disease resistant peach varieties adapted to environmental conditions of Southeastern U.S. using traditional and molecular breeding techniques; characterization and utilization of the peach genetic diversity in landraces, genbank collections and elite germplasm for germplasm enhancement; marker/QTL discovery for the traits of interest; and development and utilization of genomic technology to improve breeding efficiency. I am also working on development of Prunus rootstocks tolerant/resistant to both peach tree short life (PTSL) and Armillaria spp.


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Breeder Profile
Armillaria Root Rot Research