Michael Caterino

John and Suzanne Morse Chair of Arthropod Biodiversity
Plant and Environmental Sciences Department

Office: E254 Poole Ag. Center
Phone: 864-656-3105
Email: mcateri@clemson.edu
Personal Website: https://sites.google.com/site/caterinolab/


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Entomology
University of California, Berkeley 1998

B.S. Biology
University of Mississippi 1992

 Courses Taught

Conservation Genetics
Immature Insects
Biodiversity and Systematics
Creative Inquiry - Insects of the Clemson Forest
Creative Inquiry - Insect Ambassadors


My research involves a range of questions on beetle biology, including speciation, taxonomy, faunistics, and deep phylogenetic relationships. While my primary specialty is the systematics of beetles in the family Histeridae, my intraspecific and faunistic work has covered much of the range of beetle diversity.

I am interested in making sense of beetles' overwhelming diversity, examining a variety of factors, environmental, geological, and ecological, that have influenced their diversification over a range of spatial and temporal scales.

Beyond exploring scientific questions, I am dedicated to sharing my fascination with the wonders of insect diversity with as broad an audience as possible, and hold onto the hope that a love and appreciation for nature will enable us to conserve a substantial portion of it.


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