The Clemson University Herbarium


Welcome to the Clemson University Herbarium! An herbarium — a collection of dried, pressed and documented plant specimens — is an important research tool that can contribute to work in Botany, Biology, Ecology, Environmental Studies, Conservation and other fields. The Clemson Herbarium is one of the largest collections in the state and serves as a more or less permanent documentation of the flora of South Carolina.

First organized over a century ago by a group of Clemson botanists to help them identify plant specimens for the general public, today the herbarium remains an important resource for the study of plants in the southeastern United States.

Herbarium Mission Statement

The Clemson University Herbarium is dedicated to the acquisition and distribution of information on the taxonomy, biogeography and conservation of native species of the southeastern United States. The herbarium is maintained as a research and educational tool available to Clemson University students, faculty and staff as well as interested individual researchers from throughout the world.

Funding to support updating the Clemson Herbarium online database has been generously provided. by the Clemson College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences and by Professor Douglas A. Rayner of Wofford College.You may search our database as part of the new and dynamic Flora Caroliniana by following this link: Clemson University Herbarium Database.

Herbarium News

The Herbarium is participating in a major National Science Foundation project to digitize herbaria collections across the southeastern U.S. Please click here for more information about this grant.

Dixie Damrel, curator of the Herbarium, was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to work in Malaysia during Spring, 2015. For more information about her grant see Clemson's media release. She also kept a blog of this trip.