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Department Seminars

The Department Biological Sciences at Clemson University hosts a free and open seminar series during the fall and spring semesters. Seminars will be held at 11:15 a.m. Mondays unless otherwise noted. 

Seminars are sponsored by the BioSci Excellence Fund and the Micro Excellence Fund. Help support continued interactions for students with visiting speakers — Give to the Department.


Upcoming Seminars

Seminars and Workshops

    Seminar Overview

    This information is an overview of seminars planned for this semester. All seminars are at 11:15 a.m. in G33 Jordan Hall, unless otherwise noted. Email or call 864-656-2328 to request a Zoom link.

    ▧ Spring 2023 Seminars

    • Feb. 13: “Conservation Genetics and Genomics of Mexican Mammals” — Jorge Ortega, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico City, Mexico, hosted by Antonio Baeza.
    • Feb. 27: “Form and Function in the Evolution of Coral Reef Fishes” — Katherine Corn, Virginia Tech, hosted by Sam Price and Jen Hodge.
    • March 13: “Genomic Architecture of a Genetically Assimilated Seasonal Color Pattern” — Karin van der Burg, Clemson University, hosted by Chris Parkinson.
    • March 27: “The Rise and Fall of Animal Weapons” — Alexandre Palaoro, Clemson University, hosted by Sam Price.
    • April 3: “Epigenetic and Molecular Mechanisms For a Developmental Learning Window” — Sarah London, University of Chicago, hosted by Prakrit Subba and Julie George.
    • April 4 (Tuesday — time and location TBA): “Accountability and Integrity in Academic Research: This Time It’s Personal” — Michael Shragg, Vanderbilt University, hosted by Rutland Center for Ethics.
    • April 10: Tessa Byers, Clemson University, hosted by BioSci DEI working group.
    • April 17: “Profiling Metabolic Disease: Targeted Analysis of Signaling Lipids” — Kristal Maner-Smith, Emory University, hosted by Bill Baldwin.
    • April 24: “Population and Community Dynamics in a Changing Climate” — Amy Angert, University of British Columbia, hosted by Matt Koski.
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