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Department Seminars

The Department Biological Sciences at Clemson University hosts a free and open seminar series during the fall and spring semesters. Seminars will be held at 11:15 a.m. Mondays unless otherwise noted. 

Seminars are sponsored by the BioSci Excellence Fund and the Micro Excellence Fund. Help support continued interactions for students with visiting speakers — give to the department.


Upcoming Seminars

Seminars and Workshops

    Seminar Overview

    This information is an overview of seminars planned for this semester. All seminars are at 11:15 a.m. in G33 Jordan Hall, unless otherwise noted. Email or call 864-656-2328 to request a Zoom link.

    ▧ Spring 2024 Seminars

    • February 5: “Mind the Gap: Microbiome Insights into Tooth Decay and Oral Health Disparities” — Allison Mann, Clemson University, hosted by Vince Richards.
    • February 12 (2 p.m.): Mohamed Noor, Duke University, hosted by Robert Anholt for Darwin Day.
    • February 26: “Exquisite Energetics of the Ultrafast: An Interdisciplinary Nexus of Discovery” — Sheila Patek, Duke University, hosted by Rick Blob and Sam Price.
    • March 4: “Fields to Forests: Pollination Ecology in Variable Landscapes” — Harper McMinn-Sauder, Clemson University, hosted by Matt Koski.
    • March 11: “The Ecology and Evolution of Alternative Reproductive Tactics in an Appalachian Salamander” — Todd Pierson, Kennesaw State University” — hosted by Sharon Bewick.
    • Friday, March 15: Nathaniel Comfort, Johns Hopkins University, hosted by Robert Anholt.
    • April 1: “Utilizing a Mouse Model of Yersinia Infection to Study Antibiotic Persistence” —  Kim Davis, Johns Hopkins University, hosted by Emily Rosowski.
    • April 8: “An Integrative Multidimensional Approach for Understanding Mechanisms of Speciation in Madagascar’s Cryptic Mouse Lemurs” —  Anne Yoder, Duke University, hosted by Drew Kanes and Sharon Bewick.
    • April 15: “Human Exposure and Health Effects of Organophosphate-Based Flame Retardants” — David Volz, University of California, Riverside, hosted by Subham Dasgupta.
    • April 22: “Evolutionary Mosaics & The Interplay Between Innovation and Integration” — Kory Evans, Rice University, hosted by Keiffer Williams and Sam Price.
    Department of Biological Sciences
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