South Carolina Botanical Garden Voucher Project

South Carolina Botanical Garden Voucher Project

Botanical gardens, aside from just being beautiful places to spend the afternoon, are institutions which hold documented collections of living plants for the purposes of scientific research, conservation, display and education. In order to ensure a high level of documentation, the Clemson University Herbarium has begun the South Carolina Botanical Garden Voucher Project (SCBGVP). An herbarium voucher is physical evidence that a particular plant existed at a particular time in a particular place. This kind of evidence is vital for researchers and those who maintain the SCBG.

Each accessioned SCBG plant will be vouchered-- that is, a sample will be collected, the plant's name, location and date will recorded, and digital images will be preserved. For most plants, this collection must occur when the plant is in fruit and/or flower, as these elements are often crucial for proper identification. Collected samples will be pressed, dried, labeled and then mounted on acid-free paper and housed in the Clemson Herbarium in perpetuity. The label information will be databased and made accessible to researchers, as will accompanying digital images.

The South Carolina Botanical Garden has an extensive and important Magnolia collection. Eventually this entire collection will be vouchered and accessioned into the Clemson Herbarium Database. To access the Garden's current Magnolia Inventory List, please follow this link: Magnolia Collection Inventory List.

Follow the link Vouchered SCBG Herbarium Specimens for a list of what currently has been vouchered. Note that the list will be frequently updated.

This spreadsheet records the SCBG accessioned plants currently vouchered in the Clemson University Herbarium. The spreadsheet headings/categories are as follows:

Scientific name
Common name or cultivar name
SCBG accession number
Plant family
T/S/V/H/G (Tree, Shrub, Vine, Herbaceous, Graminoid)
Signage present
Fruit present
Flower present
Leaves present
Number of digital images

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