Volunteering at the Herbarium

Volunteers are always welcome at the Clemson University Herbarium! Volunteers contribute greatly to the work of the herbarium, helping to prepare and preserve our plant collections. After they have been trained in herbarium technique, volunteers can work at their own pace and set their own flexible schedules. Please contact the curator, Dixie Z. Damrel (ddamrel@clemson.edu) to learn how you can get involved.

cleis jensen

Cleis Jensen, shown here mounting plant specimens, was a volunteer at the Clemson University Herbarium for over ten years. She was expert at preparing materials for the permanent collection.

russ poston

Russ Poston, shown here with a map of the Clemson Experimental Forest, has been a volunteer at the Herbarium since 2010 and is involved with databasing, collecting in the Clemson Experimental Forest, documenting the South Carolina Botanical Garden and involved in a new project on the Stumphouse Tunnel Trail. He is a Master Gardener and presently works solving problems and helping people at the Clemson Home and Garden Information Center (HGIC).

chase dixon

"Chase" Carl Dixon, shown documenting field observations, in is a recent Clemson graduate who documented spring-season plants growing within the South Peninsula Wildlife Division of the Clemson Experimental Forest. He collected, identified and mounted all the specimens in this undergraduate project.

latoisha green

Latoisha Green, shown here in the South Carolina Botanical Garden, has been a volunteer for 2 semesters. She has worked on specimen preparation, upkeep and repair, and assisted in field documentation of both the Clemson Experimental Forest and the collections of the South Carolina Botanical Garden. She currently is an undergraduate student at Clemson University.

megan wayne

Megan Wayne, shown here in the herbarium, first volunteered in 2010 as a databaser for the collection, which includes approximately 100,000 herbarium specimens. With the help of databasers like Megan, someday the complete collection will be available on-line.

adam forand

Adam Forand, a former herbarium volunteer, is shown here making field notes as he documents the flora of the East Dam Ravines Natural Division in the Clemson Experimental Forest. Adam is collecting data as part of an independent Creative Inquiry Project.