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College of Arts and Humanities

Jennifer Forsberg

Jennifer Forsberg

Senior Lecturer

Department of English
Office: 502 Strode

Ph.D. English, University of Nevada Reno (2016); M.A. English, Arizona State University; B.A.E. Secondary Education and English, Arizona State University


American Literature, Literature of the 20 & 21st Centuries, Business Writing

Research Interests
20th/21st Century American Lit & Culture, Gender, Performativity, Working-Class Studies

My research in American literature and American Studies explores the performance of gender, class, and American identity across literature, popular culture, and art. I have published my work in Persona Studies (2015), the Journal of Popular Culture (2017), the Journal of Working-Class Studies (2017), and The Routledge International Handbook of Working-Class Studies (2020). I'm currently working on a project that theorizes the aesthetics of poverty in literature, popular culture, and visual art. When I'm not teaching or reading (or watching), I participate in regional initiatives that address food insecurity, affordable housing, and accessible, safe transportation.


Selected Professional Works

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Published)

2020: “Marketing Millennial Women: Embodied Class Performativity on American Television.” The Routledge International Handbook of Working-Class Studies. 392-402.

2017: Vol. 50, No. 6 (December): “’A Jack-of-All-Trades’: Jack Kerouac’s Fashionable Practice of Working-Class Drag.” The Journal of Popular Culture, Special Issue: Global Fashion: Media, Consumption, and Technology. 1213-1229.

2017: Vol. 2, No. 1 (June): “The Cross-Country/Cross-Class Drives of Don Draper/Dick Whitman: Examining Mad Men’s Hobo Narrative,” The Journal of Working-Class Studies. 57-74.

2015: Vol.1, No. 2 (October): "Working Through Hunter S. Thompson’s Strange and Terrible Saga,” Persona Studies Journal, Special Issue: Work(ing) Personas. 88-98.

Reviews & Interviews

2021: (December): The Routledge International Handbook of Working-Class Studies, co-authored review for The Journal of Working-Class Studies.

2020: Vol. 39 No. 1 (June): Anthony Dawahare's Tillie Olsen and the Dialectical Philosophy of Proletarian Literature (Lexington Books, 2018). Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature.

2015: Vol. 5 No. 3 (Winter): John Lennon’s Boxcar Politics: The Hobo in U.S. Culture and Literature, 1896-1956 (University of Massachusetts Press, 2014). Transfers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies.

2013: Vol. 46, No. 1 (February): Beyond Blackface: African Americans and the Creation of American Popular Culture, 1890-1930? (Brundage, 2011). Journal of Popular Culture.

2012: Vol. 45, No. 3 (June): Performing American Masculinities: The 21st-Century Man in Popular Culture (Shaw & Watson, 2011). Journal of Popular Culture.

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