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College of Arts and Humanities

Allen N. Swords

Allen N. Swords

Senior Lecturer

Department of English
Office: 516 Strode

M.A. English, Clemson University; B.A. English, Clemson University

Curriculum Vitae


ENGL 1030: Composition and Rhetoric; ENGL 2150: Literature in 20th- and 21st-Century Contexts; ENGL 2120: World Literature; Honors Courses

Research Interests
Sequential Art, Popular Culture, Film, and Post-WWII Literature (American, Anglo, and World)

Allen is a senior lecturer and two-time Clemson University graduate (BA in 1997 and MA in 2002) with over 22 years of teaching experience at CU. He has taught English 101, 102, 103, 209, 212, 214, 304, 314, 1030, 2150, 2120, 3860, and several honors courses during his career as an instructor here.

Clemson Alumni Master Teacher Award (2022)

College of Arts and Humanities
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