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Citation Appeals

  • If the citation is reduced, the fine must be paid within ten (10) days of the Hearing Officers' decision. If your ticket is affirmed (guilty), your appeal does not extend the fifteen (15) calendar day discount period. This fifteen (15) calendar day automatic discount runs from the date the citation is issued. If the citation is past the fifteen (15) day period when a decision to affirm your ticket is entered, the fine will escalate to the full amount at midnight the date the decision is entered. The discount does not apply to habitual violator citations.

  • Any person desiring to appeal the decision of the Parking Appeal Hearing Officers must petition the second level Parking Review Board, in writing, within five (5) calendar days of the initial decision.  The Parking Review Board is comprised of students, faculty, and staff.  Upon exercising your right to appeal to the Parking Review Board you will be required to appear in person at a hearing that will be scheduled for you.  Second level appeal forms will be available at the office of Parking and Transportation Services in the Edgar Brown Union. 

  • Any person desiring to appeal the decision of the Parking Review Board must petition the Parking Review Judicial Officer, in writing, within five (5) calendar days of the decision of the Parking Review Board.  Third level appeal forms are available at Parking and Transportation Services at G01 Edgar Brown Union.  Online or email will not be accepted or considered for third level appeals.  The petition must clearly and concisely state the ground(s) for appeal.  The Parking Review Judicial Officer may summarily decline to entertain any such appeal.  The decision of the Parking Review Judicial Officer is final.

1. Create a Clemson University Parking Account if you have not created an account previously. In order to appeal a citation, you must have a valid email address and know the make, model, year, color and license plate of the vehicle to create an account. If you have previously created an account to purchase a permit or appeal a citation, please log in using your existing information.

2. New users will need to add their vehicle information.

3. From the "Parking Account Main" screen, click "Appeal Citations". It is third item from the bottom in the list.

4. Complete the appeals process by following in the prompts. You will need the citation number and the license plate number associated with the citation to complete the process.

5. Explain your reason for appeal.  Be specific and thorough in your explanation. If you have evidence that you would like to be considered as part of your appeal, you can attach it to your online appeal.

Please note that if you are not able to appeal the citation online you must come to Parking and Transportation Services to complete a written appeal form. Appeals must be made within 15 calendar days from the date the citation was issued.

Deadlines will not be extended due to your failure to follow-up in a timely manner!


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