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Degree Requirements

The MA in Communication, Technology and Society requires a minimum of 30 total credit hours. In addition to coursework, students choose to pursue a thesis or non-thesis option to complete the degree.

Required Courses (15 credit hours)

  • COMM 8010: Communication Theory I
  • COMM 8020: Communication Theory II
  • COMM 8030: Survey of Communication Technology Studies
  • COMM 8100: Quantitative Research Methods
  • COMM 8110: Qualitative Research Methods

Elective Courses (6-9 credit hours)

  • COMM graduate courses
  • Optional: Courses in outside departments
  • Optional: Internship or Independent Study

Thesis Options (3-6 credit hours)

Students choose from two thesis options: scholarly or project.

A scholarly thesis is a traditional, original research project that results in a formal thesis document. Such a project represents a significant contribution to communication scholarship in the area of interest. 

A project thesis is a creative undertaking such as a documentary, software application, performance, public event, archive or digital project. The project must be theoretically informed and include a significant written component.

Browse recent theses on the Clemson Libraries website by clicking here.

Non-Thesis Option

Students selecting the non-thesis option complete a comprehensive exam, which assesses knowledge in their area(s) of interest.