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Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice

Major & Course Fee

Keeping pace with change is critical for success in the 21st century. Behavioral and social science graduates must be prepared with more than just access to the latest technology and course content. They need courses that fully develop their leadership, decision-making, and critical thinking skills. They also need an academic foundation to make effective and ethical decisions in their chosen profession.

We want our students to have a top-20 college experience and graduate to pursue outstanding careers. To accomplish this, we have designed our curricula to increase our students’ success in highly competitive job markets. This goal is partially supported by a major and course fee that funds infrastructure and program enhancements that benefit all behavioral and social science majors, as well as non-majors in upper-level behavioral and social science courses. Clemson is not unique in charging these types of fees, but we want to be transparent about them.

Enhancements include additional top-tier faculty to ensure more sections of courses and smaller average class sizes. The ability to offer more sections allows us to guarantee that our majors get all the required courses they need for a timely graduation while maintaining the high quality of these courses. We are also using this fee to support professional academic and career advising.

Fee Assessment
  • A major fee of $1000* per semester — capped at $4000 cumulative — is assessed for all full-time behavioral and social science majors who are considered juniors or seniors in terms of credit hours.
  • A course fee of $100* per credit hour — capped at $1000 per semester (10 credit hours) — is assessed for all other students taking behavioral and social science courses at the 3000- and 4000-level, including freshmen and sophomores.
Contact Us

If you have additional questions about the fee, please contact Dr. Katherine Weisensee, Department Chair.

Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
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