Awards Forum

June 29, 2020 1:00PM EDT

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1:00 PM Intro
1:10 PM Q/A with Teams in Each Category
2:15 PM Keynote: Dr. Mike Sweat, Director of the MUSC Center for Global Health
2:45 PM Awards Announcement

COVID Challenge Awards Winners List!

Below the list you will find each winning team’s video pitch.

Clemson Hayek Center Prize ($1000):
P6: Correlations between Global COVID-19 Rates and Healthcare/Public Policies

Finalists Teams ($1000):
C4 - Be well SC: a SC ETV show
P10 - TRACES: an online tool to connect people in their communities
P11 - Model to plan for PPE/equipment/people in hospitals
S12 - Polaris Mental Health App

Third Place ($1500):
E2 - Virtual Reality and Global Experiences
H3 - Low-cost negative pressure space

Second Place ($2500):
H2 - Radiosensitizer for COVID treatment

First Place ($5000):
H11 - BAM: COVID-19 detection test

  • Communication
    C4 - Be well, SC!: a State-wide Wellness TV Show
    Mentors: Caroline Sawyer, University of South Carolina Beauford
    Cassandra Headden, University of South Carolina Graduate School
    Members: Apoorva Mehta, Shashwath Arashinagundi, Ryan Reyes, Zain Kazmi, LeeAnne Stokes, Elizabeth Serieux

  • Education
    Tied 3rd Place Overall
    E2 - VR Mondi
    Mentors: Kyle Anderson, Clemson University
    Members: Madelyn Stafford, Michael O'Brien, Gavin Vazquez, Nayoung Kim

  • Healthcare/Technology
    1st Place Overall
    H11 - BAM: Rising to the COVID-19 Challenge with BAM Screening Tests
    Mentors: Jeffrey Anker, Clemson University
    Brandon McNaughton, Akadeum Life Sciences
    Philip Moschella, Prisma Health
    Graduate Students: Unaiza Uzair, Mohammad Arifuzzaman
    Members: Shrey Patel, Ryan Hernandez-Cancela, Symphanie Key, Alessia Keane, Mandolin Lucier, Madison Motes

    2nd Place Overall
    H2 - REACTS: Radiosensitizer treatment for COVID
    Mentors: Delphine Dean, Clemson University
    Endre Takacs, Clemson University
    Members: Justin Napolitano, Andrew Rifkin, Victor Cabrera Lumbreras, Rayyan Alam, Daniel Lazega

    Tied 3rd Place Overall
    H3 - Low-cost negative pressure chamber
    Mentors: John D Desjardins, Clemson University
    Members: JP Paul, Emily Andriello, Amanda LeMatty, Robert Falconer, Daniel Gonzalez, Bowen Griffith, Molly Turk

  • Policy/Economics/Logistics
    Hayek Prize Winner
    P6 - Correlations between Global COVID-19 Rates and Healthcare/Public Policies
    Mentors: Nicole Hair, University of South Carolina
    Members: Olivia McQuarrie, Emily Martin, Makenna Kull, Sydney Nelson, Megan Laurendeau

    P10 - TRACES: an online tool to connect people in their communities
    Mentors: Julie Marshall, Medical University of South Carolina
    Joni Nelson, Medical University of South Carolina
    Members: Andrew Hensing, Sarah Finleyson, Caroline Hensing, Haley Hirth, Victoria Young

    P11 - Data-driven Framework for Surge Planning and PPE Inventory Management with Evolving COVID-19 Forecasts
    Mentors: Yongjia Song, Clemson University
    Kevin Taaffe, Clemson University
    Members: Madison Parker, Roann Abdeladl, Killian Davis

  • Society/Community
    S12:Polaris: The Mental Health App for Times of Crisis
    Mentors:Barbara Boyd, Clemson University
    Members: Grace Miller, Nicole Ammerall, Kelly Evans, David Dalpiaz, Frances Kirk