During the summer of 2020 more than 400 students participated in high impact projects - from home – in the Clemson COVID Challenge!

Students worked on problems and issues seen in their own communities or addressed some of the needs curated by colleagues from institutions across South Carolina. Many problems, from a variety of fields, were addressed during the 2020 Clemson COVID Challenge: issues in healthcare delivery; public policy; social factors; and the economy.

CCC is Back for 2021

This year students are invited to participate in the Clemson COVID Challenge - IMPACTS program. This six week research and design opportunity will engage teams of students in addressing IMPACTS in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. These teams will work under the guidance of a mentor to develop their projects and solutions.

Useful Resources and Webinars from the 2020 CCC

“You Gotta Problem? Observation and needs finding to identify a problem worth solving”  Video | Slides

“Planning and Measuring Performance” by Dr. Reed Watson and “An introduction to Intellectual Property issues,” by Dr. Delphine Dean. Video | Slides

"How to Develop a Pitch," by Dr. John Hannon,  Video

“Tips for Creating a Quality Video Pitch” with Adobe  Video | Guide

“Strategies for Strong Recommendation Letters,” by Dr. Melissa Moss, Professor and Interim Chair of Biomedical Engineering, University of South Carolina Video

Minute Video Pitch Submission Rubric 


Projects and awards from 2020:

Watch the Awards Forum to see the finalists and winners!