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T. Ed Garrison Arena and Expo Center


Carolina Catering is the sole food service provider for catering and concessions at the T. Ed Garrison Arena.

Food Comes First

For 17 years Carolina Catering has been standing on this principle. As the cornerstone of our business, this is the driving force behind our commitment to every client. From helping to plan the perfect menu to the execution of the final product, nothing is more important to us than providing the best food possible. From finger foods to feast, the same care and compassion is put into every dish - every time. This is our Promise. This is Carolina Catering - Where Food Comes First!


Please contact Pam Garrett for all your catering needs.

Contact: Pam Garrett

Phone: (864) 617-0806


Website: Carolina Catering

T. Ed Garrison Arena and Expo Center
T. Ed Garrison Arena and Expo Center | 1101 West Queen Street, Pendleton, SC 29670