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Get Moving with WalkSC!

WalkSC is a 12-week virtual physical activity program that follows South Carolina’s Palmetto Trail. Complete weekly step challenges to virtually walk across SC! WalkSC includes weekly interactions with a Clemson Extension Rural Health and Nutrition Extension Agent via email. These emails provide “weekly walking challenges” corresponding to a section of the South Carolina Palmetto Trail. You will also have access to other health education and physical activity resources to help you meet your step and health goals.

Meet your step goals every week and you will have virtually walked the 500-mile Palmetto Trail spanning from the Upstate of South Carolina to the Coast, all while learning about yourself and the state!

Steps can be counted with smartphone apps or wearable devices such as a Fitbit, smart watch, or pedometer.

The program is free, but you must complete a registration in order to join.

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